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Tennessee’s Storage Experts

Just Box It is owned by Bone and Associates, a local family-owned company from Wilson County. Like you, we needed storage and realized others needed it as well. We created the solution by building a self storage company in downtown Lebanon.

Over the years, we have added additional locations through both building and renovating and now are proud to service both Wilson and Smith Counties. Just Box It is not a big corporate chain but rather a locally owned and operated small business.

Our philosophy is if we wouldn't use it ourselves, we wouldn’t sell it to a customer. Therefore, we ensure all our storage units are clean, and we make the safety of our customers and their property a top priority. We are committed to making our business the solution to all your storage needs, so Just Box It!

Why Us?

Just Box It is simply a solution. It can be your solution to get you through a move or just a temporary place to hold those belongings that you won’t need again for a few months. It can help if you want to take your garage back to actually park your car in it or to handle many other things on your to-do list where limited space gets in the way of your life.

We know many times storage is needed when things get chaotic, but it’s not normally a priority in your life. You have more important things that need your attention. However, there are times when you need a safe, convenient, and clean place to store your things, and you need it quickly and at great value.

Just Box It can be your worry-free solution on where to place your belongings when you need that extra space. Just Box It is here to help! 

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